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What Is A
Spontaneous Awakening?


Spontaneous Awakening: To know yourself as part of God and God as part of you. To realize that you are not who you have believed yourself to be. You discover that you are Awareness in the vast ocean of energy that we call God.

You are that which experiences, but you are not the experience. You are the witness behind the experience. You are that part of God which is experiencing itself. You are pure Awareness in The Body Of God.

You see clearly that you are in God, and God in You. There is no destination to reach. There is nothing to become. There is only the realization of that which IS.. and that you are part of the ALL THAT IS.

In the aftermath, you will also realize that you are not your story. You are not your ego, or your beliefs, and you are not your pain or suffering. You may have experienced that, but you are NOT that.

The realization and experience of this is the first step to finding your way Home for most and then the inner work begins. For others though, it is simple.. they have arrived.

For most, after the initial Opening into Oneness there is much work that has to be done. You must become conscious of your stories and of your mind and of your suppressed pain, and in so doing will become free. In this process, becoming conscious of your story and your pain and suffering will take you home.

You cannot deny, avoid, or get rid of your mind/ego or your pain. That is only ego wanting to avoid itself. Witness the stories you tell yourself and others, bring Awareness to every aspect of who you believe you are at the level of mind/ego, and those things will fall away.

To bring Awareness to your stories is to bring Consciousness to them, and to bring Consciousness is to bring God.. and God is what you are.

So then the dance begins. You allow yourself to feel your pain when it arises. You do not try to stuff it or avoid it or fix it. Sit with it. Brng Consciousness to it. It is only trying to express itself. Allow yourself to feel, and your pain will dissipate and Joy and wholeness will follow.

As you go through this process you come to discover that it isn't fatal, as your ego would have you believe. It is the way to freedom. It is your Way Home. It's simple.. but not necessarily easy. When you do it you will find out.



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